More road transport, less CO2 emissions

STI Freight Management optimises transport scheduling

In 2016, STI (Deutschland) GmbH, subsidiary of logistics service provider STI Freight Management, completely digitised its road transport scheduling. All of the company’s 130 trucks were fitted with new TMS systems. “Our schedulers now have real-time access to all important data for transport planning and control. They can plan well in advance, as they can evaluate data collected across the entire fleet,” explains Thomas Hakenewert, Head of Fleet Planning European Road Transport at STI Deutschland. “Thanks to these efficient processes, we reduced the percentage of empty kilometres driven in 2016 by 1.2 percent,” continues Hakenewert. “That is even more remarkable, as we have achieved this result while increasing the volume of freight shipped.”

Last year, STI Deutschland also reduced the CO2 emissions produced by road freight by one percent, or more than 123 tonnes of CO2. Investment in technology and lean processes have led to this positive result. Thomas Hakenewert reports: “In 2017, we also want to emit as little CO2 as we can and conserve resources as far as possible.” STI already only deploys the most modern, environmentally friendly trucks for European road transportation. In Spain and Portugal, trucks also run on liquefied gas. Continual staff training is also part of the environmental strategy – from fuel-saving driving techniques to forward-looking, flexible route planning.

About STI Freight Management

Some 285,500 national and international overland consignments, 8,000 air and sea freight consignments as well as 28,000 payments of customs duty per year. The above figures summarize the portfolio of STI Freight Management GmbH, which is headquartered in Duisburg. Behind these facts is one of the leading contract logistics providers in Europe. Since 1983. STI Freight Management has specialized in the planning and handling of complex transport and logistics projects. The subsidiary of HAVI Global Logistics and Martin-Brower UK Holdings Ltd. employs 221 people at twelve locations. Apart from the international transport of food and other temperature-controlled goods, such as high-quality pharmaceuticals, the company’s competencies also include supplying cruise liners, warehousing and customs clearance.

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