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STI Freight Management upgrades vehicle fleet

Duisburg, 20 March 2017. As of this month, the STI Freight Management trailers are driving with the new corporate design. The fresh new appearance, which revolves around the company motto ‘Taking Quality The Extra Mile’, improves the recognition of STI trucks on the road. STI Freight Management’s German subsidiary STI (Deutschland) GmbH already started using the first new STI-trailers for transporting goods of all temperature stages across Europe at the beginning of this year. The STI trailers are extensively equipped with multiple chambers and state-of-the-art telematics and security systems. These comprehensive solutions allow the drivers as well as the dispatchers to access all relevant delivery data in real time: From GPS-supported tracking of the truck routes via real-time status reports, to delivery data and the driver’s travelling times and resting periods. The European control tower of the STI Planning Department is continuously in control of the transport temperature, door-status reports and the online-monitored refrigeration technology. All order details are transmitted digitally from the driver to the dispatcher via smartphone or tablet. ‘The automated order management has several advantages for us. We are now able to plan routes more efficiently, thus saving transport costs and reducing the consumption of resources as well as the CO2 emissions,’ says Björn Heinermann, Head of Operations European Road Transport at STI Deutschland.

Following the six-months test phase that started this March, all of the approximately 150 STI-trailers will be exchanged step-by-step over the coming two years and linked to the fully integrated IT-platform for digital disposition. ‘Updating our vehicle fleet is part of a new orientation with regard our overland transport,’ explains Heinermann. ‘It is our objective to continue to streamline our processes and – with regard to the price-driven competition – to be able to offer that extra bit of service to our customers. We will, for example, be able to achieve purchasing benefits for the freight carriers and partners within the European STI-network by integrating the new vehicles,’ continues Heinermann. 

About STI Freight Management

Some 284,500 national and international overland consignments, 7,460 air and sea freight consignments as well as 28,540 payments of customs duty per year. The above figures summarize the portfolio of STI Freight Management GmbH, which is headquartered in Duisburg. Behind these facts is one of the leading contract logistics providers in Europe. Since 1983. STI Freight Management has specialized in the planning and handling of complex transport and logistics projects. The subsidiary of HAVI Global Logistics and Martin-Brower UK Holdings Ltd. employs 221 people at twelve locations. Apart from the international transport of food and other temperature-controlled goods, such as high-quality pharmaceuticals, the company’s competencies also include supplying cruise liners, warehousing and customs clearance.

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Andrea Küster
STI Freight Management GmbH
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