Fresh Salad for Europe

STI Freight Management controls the supply chain for Dole salad

Fresh salad is available always and everywhere, whether at the supermarket bar, the restaurant or the petrol station shop. But behind this continuous supply of harvest-fresh salad is a sophisticated supply chain.
STI-Scandinavia AB, a subsidiary of STI Freight Management, guides the supply chain process for cut salads for Dole Fresh Cuts food producers, from preliminary transport all the way to delivery to retail and catering destinations.
STI multi-temperature trucks with sensor-controlled cooling systems and continuous temperature monitoring bring the freshly harvested salads from the production areas in Italy and Spain to the Swedish town of Helsingborg. This is where the state-of-the-art Dole Fresh Cuts production facility is based. Freshly cut salad types are produced ready for sale at six different production lines in a range of locations for customers in Denmark, Germany, Finland, Sweden and the Baltic States.
Johan Fogelin, Business Development Manager at STI, describes the challenge for transport: “Salad is a highly temperature-sensitive product that has to be transported under a precise, constant cooling temperature of three degrees Celsius. It is crucial that the salad retains its crispy consistency and natural colouring”.

The delivery from Sweden to Finland is highly demanding, especially during the colder months. STI-Scandinavia uses what are known as ‘Nordic Road Trains’ for daily deliveries. These are 25-metre long, two-story trucks with a loading height of over three metres. This allows the refrigerated truck to load over 100 Euro pallets. The megatrucks, which are only used in Scandinavia, are also equipped with snow chains and blades in winter. “When transporting goods to Finland it is critical that they are delivered just-in-time”, says Fogelin, Business Development Manager at STI-Scandinavia. The ferry from Stockholm to Finland only sets sail every twelve hours. In order to guarantee absolute security of supply even in harsh winter conditions, STI Scandinavia only uses experienced Finnish drivers for the Nordic Road Trains.

About STI Freight Management
Some 284,500 national and international overland consignments, 7,460 air and sea freight consignments as well as 28,540 payments of customs duty per year. The above figures summarize the portfolio of STI Freight Management GmbH, which is headquartered in Duisburg. Behind these facts is one of the leading contract logistics providers in Europe. Since 1983 STI Freight Management has specialized in the planning and handling of complex transport and logistics projects. The subsidiary of HAVI Global Logistics and Martin-Brower UK Holdings Ltd. employs 221 people at twelve locations. Apart from the international transport of food and other temperature-controlled goods, such as high-quality pharmaceuticals, the company’s competencies also include supplying cruise liners, warehousing and customs clearance.

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